Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Trump vs. Clinton-An Update

Hi Guys,

So if you guys follow the news, you may have heard that Trump is using Clinton's past scandals in attack ads, but that is just not going to work. It just isn't.

First of all, using Whitewater- that is just not going to work. It just isn't. No one cares about Whitewater anymore-that crap happened a long time ago, in the 90's. And also the Vincent Foster suicide? Fishy? Pfft... how can a suicide be "fishy"? How can it be "covered up"? And honestly, could you please leave the foster family alone, news channels? They really are suffering terribly, and exploiting their pain is cold and heartless.

And if the FBI would just leave Clinton be-Trump's whatchamacallit went up by 40 percent-and stop bugging her about the emails (in the words of Sanders, people are "sick and tired" of hearing about her "goddamn e-mails"). And now, what with the FBI investigation into those emails, jesus... but I think it'll all work out fine.

The thing is, with this election being crazy-both of the candidates are really, really unpopular. Trump and Clinton both have their fair share of obnoxiousness-in the news. Clinton could face enditment or whatever you call it for the e-mail biz (I'll highly doubt she'll get it though). Trump is viciously racist, sexist, and obnoxiously brash-not very good in a general election (he's trying to tone it down, he really is-it isn't working. Hell, there was a protest that occurred in Washington-and even as he's toning it down, the protests just keep on escalating).

As for VP picks-it really is vital now. Trump's VP pick is unlikely to be a woman or a minority-it's very likely going to be a white male. And one of the leading contenders is...oh god help us all...Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey. That would be disastrous-he's even more of a bully than Trump is, and he's really unpopular-he was trailing in the polls from the very beginning. The GOP will very likely choose not to have Trump's...er...Mexican immigrant plan as part of their platform, which would drive a lot of his support away.

To be fair, Trump's VP list is pretty weak-and Newt Gringich would also be terrible.

Mary Warren as a VP pick for Clinton would be awesome-not only would she be able to successfully lock in the more youthful and the Sanders supporters in to Clinton's base, she would also be successful at beating the crap out of Trump or whoever his VP pick might be at debates...she's a good campaigner, feisty, and able to successfully attack people without coming across as unlikeable.

I am highly confident in the ability of Clinton to re-capture the popular vote from that mean jerk-it would be awesome to have a two-woman ticket, don't ya think? I bet so.

Anyway, like you guys a lot and hope to see ya soon! Bye!

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