Friday, December 2, 2016

Graham Norton Show Performer Profile #2-Duran Duran

Hi Guys,

So here is my second installment on performers on The Graham Norton Show...and today, we are previewing...drumroll please...Duran Duran!

Now, all of you guys are gonna ask me...Who the hell are they? Well, allow me to explain......

If you were a kid or teen in the '80's, you'll probably instantly recognize the name. Duran Duran... to say they were '80's cultural icons would be an understatement. They were the people behind "Hungry Like the Wolf", "Girls on Film", "Rio", and whatnot. These bastards were everywhere... staples in teenage bedrooms at the time, big on the radio, and they were HUGE on MTV (Back when they actually played music videos)... I bet if any of you were alive during that time, like my parents were (they were born in '68), if you watched MTV, you would be very likely to find them in heavy airplay on there.

They named themselves after an obscure movie character from Barbarella... anyway, they are still going strong with the same guys during all these years.

The album they were promoting was Paper Gods at the time, I think this was season 18 episode 3 when they performed one of the tracks from that album, let me look up what it was....

(A Correction on the last profile... The Shires actually performed in Season 18, not Season 19 like I think they did)...

Stuff like that.

Election 2016-Voice Evaluation of Incumbents

Hi Guys,

So now, I am going to do a voice evaluation of the two winning candidates: Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

Trump's voice is very...unique. It is raspy, but it is not really deep nor is it really high. At times, he sounds like a friggin' 20-something frat boy trapped inside a 70 year old man's body. It at times does get on one's nerve-the press will pay attention to him, whatever the hell he says.

And then there is Mike Pence... Does he sound authoritative? No, not really. He does not talk much, and looks like he is stoned all. the. time. When he does speak, it is very...slow and he sounds like he is putting himself to is also mumbly. Because of the fact that his voice is very mumbly, no one really takes him seriously as a result. And because of that, even if he does say something crazy, it probably comes out in a very odd way. Period, and he looks tired, which also enhances the fact that no one in the press will pay attention to him.

Hell, look at the vice presidential debate...Kaine sounded more intelligible than Pence did. Pence at times was hard to understand, and he mispronounced the place where they were hosting it, Longwood University, as Norwood. If that is not a wrong move, than I do not know what is.

And thank god Trump is pro-gay... Pence is one obstacle to that.

My dad says he could beg to differ, but I disagree with him lots. Don't you guys do too?

Let me know what you think