Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Graham Norton Show Performers Profile #1-The Shires

Hi Guys,

Here, I'll start a series of posts profiling the artists who have performed on the Graham Norton Show (Some who I like, Some who I don't like, Some I don't know who they are). I will jump all over the place in terms of performances from specific dates, not necessarily in chronological order.

The 1st one I'll start with is this alt-country duo called...wait for it...The Shires (I am not at all a big country music fan, but I like these guys, so yeah).

They are from England (surprise, surprise) but sound very convincingly American (Similarly to Keith Urban, who was Australian)... To the point of which first time listeners must think that they themselves must probably be San Francisco transplants from the South, based on how many times they say "We may not have sunshine" or whatever they say during that time in Nashville Grey Skies. But, however, there is a track that makes it a dead giveaway as to where they are from- "Made in England". I think they released their first album last year. Don't know much about them, eh.....

Also, once you look up the word "Shires", you will find out that it is a term for the english countryside. Yeah, go figure.

This is in complete contrast to someone like LeeAnn Rimes (who also performed on the show, and whom I will talk about in a later post) who, though while also country, is actually American and she is from the South... So yes, that twang is genuine for her. She does not have much of a strong accent, but still.... She sure is talented.

They performed the last season (Series 19) on the first episode. Yeah, go figure.