Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My Trip To Baltimore-Recap

Hi guys,

Hey! What's up? I'm doing great, thanks. Mom currently has the case of the hiccups right now. Like, big ones. Hiccups can be a pain in the a-s-s sometimes. I have to visit a collage tomorrow-oh, and also, it was nice to be rid of the goddamn GOP bullshit that I have to hear every single day. Honestly, when will the GOP finally realize that the way how things are going are not so good right now.

But anyway, enough of that. Let's get started.

So, before we got to our hotel, Mom, Dad, my 14 year old sister Quin, Me, and our 4 year old adopted brother Jack, drove in our Ford force flex (which Jack calls a minivan, for some strange reason) to get to Baltimore (With the little pesky at times Waze thing getting along). Of course, we stopped by for Lunch along the way at this rest-stopish place in New Jersey along the side of the highway turnpike called "Clara Barton", specifically at Burger King. Me, my sister, and Jack all got Chicken Nuggets with French Fries. I don't recall what drinks we had, but I remember that I had a Sprite. I also saw some photo of the current (hated) New Jersey governor Chris Christie, a guy known for embracing You-know-who Trump and for being a bully. Wow. Way to go, Jersey (not hating on it or anything).

So we drove with the handy dandy waze helping us, and eventually we got to our destination-my cousin Annie's school, to watch the play she was in. She's in, what, 7th grade? The play she was in? Into The Woods. She was the Narrator. Apparently, there were two alternating casts- the "Yellow" and "Red" casts. Someone else had played her part alternately with her for 4 shows-this was the last one. She was part of the "Red" cast. Now, I am very much familiar with the play. Grammy (Me and the other Monaghan grandkids' nickname for my mom's mom) had already seen it a long time ago in the 80's or possibly even 90's (when we didn't have to worry about things like encryption and loony people running for the Republican nomination). I had never seen the actual play in its entirety (even though I really really REALLY want to, but the last broadway production that was recently occurring was I believe in 2003- when I was just 3 or 4 years of age), but I specifically remember going to see the movie version with my dad at the movie theaters, when I was a 15 year old sophomore in High School (I just turned 17 last week, go figure). I loved that movie, a lot... Disney did not screw a lot of things up. Thing is, I thought the middle school drama production was... so-so. None of the singers really stood out for me. It was also a junior production-it kinda missed out on the point that Soundheim was trying to make, that not all people get their happy endings, and if they do, it's guaranteed to come at some cost of sorts. Presenting it with just a happy ending kind doesn't get the message across. Not that I'm hating on all junior productions, but this... it just didn't emotionally resonate with me or make me sympathize with the characters as much as the movie did. It's not exactly a "family" movie or show either- plus, not a lot of the microphones weren't working on the kids (At times, their singing was muffled or difficult to hear)-and some little kids started crying during the performance or were talking (Not that anyone minded though). Many people did not have their cell phones on, thank god. But there was this lady at times who acted more like a kid/teenage girl at times who occasionally started to talk behind me, which annoyed (s) me to no end, and my brother, as usual, could not sit still. Oh, well, that's life.

We went to a lot of restaurants and visited some colleges-but our visit was cut short because of the fact that Jack had the coup, so we didn't stay for all 3 days that we planned to stay in Baltimore. It was still a good couple of days, but sharing a room with Jack-jesus. He is the worst whisperer ever and he never dozes off immeadiately. Pfft... ugh.

I wish I could catch up on more details, but hey. That's life.