Saturday, June 4, 2016

Trump-Why I'm More Confident In His Loss

Hi Guys,

Hey, you know about Trump's "rise to popularity"? Pfft. You wanna know what I believe? He ain't gonna win the election in November. I know this feeling in my heart, that Clinton'll win.

Thing is, Obama's popularity is now really high. And guess what? Clinton hired the speechwriters for the Obama campaign. And we all know that worked out awesomely. He's gonna get his ass kicked, and eventually the b-----d will be out of stuff to rebuff. And Obama is giving more wages to rural people and white poor folks.

And guess what? The economic reports will come out next week, and they are supposed to be awesome, which will not only be good for the Democrats, but it'll also weaken his support. Of course, him being who he is, he will rip his supporters apart for being happy about the good economic prospects and they will turn against him, and he'll get what he deserves. Yeah! Serves you right, motherf----r.

Of course, he's recently attacked the judge (who's from Indiana, by the way) who ordered that his Trump University records be released, and he's lost the trust of many a Republican Centrist and Establishment folk after Paul f'n Ryan, of all people, said he was gonna vote for him. And Hillary just gave a kickass speech ripping him to shreds. And despite the fact that he'll probably pick someone with experience, chance is...that VP pick would be terrible. Newt Gringich? He is old (not good if you want to generate enthusiasm), worked with the Clintons, even though he hates them (bad for attack ads, as it would make the dude seem pathetic), and he's a centrist (not good for the supporters, who'll view him as the worst). He is also not liked very widely. Chris Christie? No one likes him, not even Trump Supporters (dude didn't even win a single state), he's a bad campaigner (people never really paid attention to him), and I could go on. John Kasich? TBH, he's really not that charismatic (He was at the bottom of the polls from the start and got little to no media recognition), he was previously against many of the statements Trump made (Which would lead to many supporters being driven away), and many of Trump's supporters would feel betrayed by the choice and turn against him.

Plus-The Media and the public are losing interest in him, and he has not really campaigned that much (never really spent any money on campaign ads, never really released any attack ads, rarely shows up at primaries and debates, and he only campaigns on twitter, which to be honest is not really good in terms of politics). And he literally was like one day "Fuck it, I'm not really gonna campaign these next couple of days, but I'll be flying to Ireland and Scotland to build some golf courses!". Who the hell literally goes to do a business thing for shit in the middle of a fucking presidential campaign? Trump, that's who. And that golf course could take multiple months and lots of money to build, so it would take time away and cause him to lose steam. Honestly, I think that now, he's kinda losing interest. My dad has stated more than once that he truly does not think that Trump is interested to be president, and his instincts are right. Now he's getting what he deserves. And honestly? Dude, releasing your tax returns (please, for the love of god and everything holy) would be a good way for the Republican establishment to stop bothering you. You are gonna face pressure from everyone to do it and it can get overwhelming, so please release your goddamned tax returns.

Yep-he's losing ground, i'm sure of it. Bye folks! See ya soon!

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