Sunday, June 12, 2016

On the Last Week Of School-And My Thoughts On The General Election now that it's starting up

Hey Guys,

So-guess what? Tomorrow is the last day of classes! Whopee! Now I won't have to see that obnoxious kid Cameron Ward or see the face of that creepy kid Flavio Darini (a freshman) exiting the class that I'm in shouting "Make America Great Again". I'm also happy that school is out for the summer-I only have a few exams to go and whoohoo I'm finished!

And also, you guys-Clinton won the nomination! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! And as for that email scandal, pfft. Everyone's sick and tired of hearing about it, and the FBI will likely dismiss her case. Sanders gave a speech endorsing her, and Obama gave a powerful speech endorsing her. And she just bounced off Trump insults by asking him to delete his Twitter account. Yes. That motherfucker doesn't know how powerful the hills is. He's gonna get his ass handed over to him.

And as for that Trump University schtick-he did some really bad things like drop investigations against him by the Florida attorney and the Texas attorney general. Now, there's a hearing on the case on July 22nd, and there is even more pressure by the public for them to investigate the entire Trump-Bondi incident. Of course, the FBI will eventually acquit Hillary and turn their attention towards Trump, and that fucker will be exposed for the fraudulent bastard that he is. There's a lot less alarmist articles about him now, and I think he's even losing popularity-Hillary's gaining steam, very quickly. You know what? Trump is gonna be upset by all the negative coverage, denies that he is corrupt (which he is), and there eventually will be so much pressure placed on him that he will eventually go "Screw it. I'm gonna step down and go back to my business.". Cause that's just who he is.

And I went out to lunch today! Yipee!

And I promised to you that I would focus on a variety of topics for the blog-but that's not all.

I'll tell you more later on. Bye!


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