Sunday, January 24, 2016

The GOP and Sarah Palin- and the Election of '08.

Hi People, Hey! It's me again. And though I am busy studying for midterms... There's one thing that has been on my mind lately.

Let me tell you, The GOP...jesus christ. Why doesn't the goddamn media ever take a break from reporting about that? The general election is a long way away. Yet, the media won't stop reporting about Cruz or Trump. I mean, we've already heard the same damn thing over and over again. When more "news" comes up about them, I'm like "Really? This again? Calm down.". There are reasons why you shouldn't always be trustfu-ah, fuck it. I'll tell you about it later.

Nothing has changed since the Bush administration. Nothing at all has changed in that party. Bush, mind you, was a terrible manager at foreign policy-his controversial decision to send troops to Iraq has left us in a mess with some parts of the Middle East ever since. He has also led us into a recession, and everyone pretty much hates him. In fact, I think he created disillusionment among the Republican Party. His controversial legacy is still felt with us-the fact that his younger brother, (who actually looks older than him.), Jeb, is currently running for office right now isn't helping matters either. And it looks like the right-wings have learned nothing from the loss of Barry Goldwater in '64, at all. My mom knows someone who has a friend that legitimately roomed with Ted Cruz in law school. He says that Ted Cruz is actually a legitimate a-hole in real life.

Oh, and let's get onto Sarah Palin. Her endorsement speech of Trump... dear god, it is the most unintentionally hilarious and worst endorsement speeches ever given. Just look up a video of the speech in question. Trump himself looks at times to be holding back laughter (just barely) or looks very confused as in "What the fuck is she saying?". And the way that she's dressed...really? She looks more like she's going to a party than an actual GOP conference. And this is why no one probably wants her to be a running mate with someone...God forbid if the nominee picks her to be his running mate, because we all know what happened last time...

Let's go back in time a little, to the election of 2008. I was 8 years old (by the time the general election ended the time the election occurred, I was 9)and I was in the third or fourth grade. Though I was too young to understand what the hell was going on, and me and my family (then at the time just consisting of me, my then-6 year old sister (she turned 14 in December of 2015) Quinlan, my parents, me, and our dog, Seamus) were relatively unaffected by the world around us, the adult world that my parents inhabited was in conflict. The U.S. had entered a big recession as a result of Bush's presidency, the housing market had a crisis, and people were fed up with the Iraq War. Bush, by the time he left the presidency, was very unpopular (still is now), with pretty much everyone. John McCain (the Republican nominee) did not originally want Sarah Palin as his vice president, originally. He wanted someone with more experience. His adviser looked up an interview with her and hired her based on her speaking skills showcased in the video. The campaign people soon came to regret the decision. Sarah seemed a bit crazy at times, and didn't know anything about foreign or even domestic policy. She also seemed to swing in between being a fantastic public speaker to a laughable one. The fact that her daughter, Bristol, then a teen, got pregnant during the campaign and gave birth to a kid, causing many to question her reliability and trustworthiness, didn't help either. There were a whole bunch of other factors, too, but I won't get into that (I will, once I write my review of that fantastic HBO original movie, Game Change. I plan on owning it on DVD once.). So, she was one aspect I think of the whole reason why McCain had lost.

I think the presidential candidates should bear this incident in mind before they can choose a running mate. I mean, we should have learned from that screw-up once or twice. Yeah. That's it, I guess.

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