Friday, January 29, 2016

Enron Lucy Prebble Play Movie

Hi guys,

Hey! How many of you have heard of that fantastic play ENRON? You know, that play about the scandal written by Lucy Prebble? It's set in 1990's Texas. (Mostly in the 90's). Of course, for you older people, you know who the hell ENRON was. But as for young people? No clue, since they were probably just little kids by the time the scandal hit. That includes me. I only knew about it from looking up stuff on the internet.

It was a big success in the West End (In London-who knew a play written by a British Playwright about Americans could reach such success)-but it flopped on Broadway, surprisingly enough. Not that audiences didn't like it, but it premiered at the wrong time. The 2008 financial/housing crisis was still going strong, Wall street was being occupied...not really a good spot to premiere a play like that before. Then the goddamn New York Times gave a hostile review to it, and ms. Prebble was fucked. Then, it got closed after just 15 performances...I think now would be the time to give it a re-try.

George Clooney, however, noticed the potential for a movie version of the Play-and soon he snatched up the rights to it. People were excited about this, but then it was announced that it wasn't very likely that they would get the original UK cast back on board for the movie. A couple of the people in the West End were not very happy with this-Rupert Goold said that it pissed him off that he didn't get involved in the movie production and that he expressed dismay over the play being snatched up by Hollywood producers. A bunch of other people were not happy with it too-one including Phillip Hedley, and the other whatsername. But Clooney truly loved the play and Lucy Prebble is writing the screenplay, so I wouldn't get too worried.

I have a heavy feeling that this will be a cult movie. I mean, a lot of cult movies originally bomb at the box office and then get a devoted fan following. And let me tell you, this sounds a bit like Fight Club meets American Psycho meets Wolf of Wall Street. I mean, satire of corporate culture and plenty of unlikeable characters? And dark comedy to boot? I think so.

And also, I'm pretty sure Mr. Clooney will do very well with this. Smiley face.

See you guys later!

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