Thursday, January 28, 2016

The GOP and Fox News-And Donald Trump.

Hey Guys,

*Sigh* The news. Jesus, will they ever leave us alone for once?!?!?!?. And about Donald Trump-dear sweet mother of god... Can't we just ignore what he says? He's racist, sexist, and a disgrace to us Christians. Honestly, why did he even enter the race to begin with????? Things would be a whole lot easier if he hadn't come in. And it would be so much easier if the San Bernadino and Paris Attacks never happened. (We could have prevented it or someone could've, but no. No one did anything.)

Me and my Parents (along with my sister) are very liberal. Mom, in particular, even more so. So she understands what I feel about this whole crisis. I know a whole bunch of people who plan on moving to Canada if he gets elected (I doubt it, but the whole damn world never seems to listen. Seriously, the possibility of Trump winning a landslide election? He's not very popular with general election people, who tend to lean more on my side.) Does Trump even know anything about foreign or domestic policy? Nope. He doesn't. He probably doesn't.

And don't even get me started on Cruz...That guy is very unlikeable. I mentioned that in a previous post, My mom knew someone who knew him. And roomed with him. And he was very much unlikeable, even in those days.

And FOX News. They are not helping us at all. I have nothing against conservatives if they are really nice people, but FOX News. Ugh. I really wish that they would just...go away for once. Have the right-wing extremists ever learned anything from the failed Barry Goldwater campaign? No. Not that much at all. Thank god Trump is planning not to participate in the next debate. Because, if you follow the news, FOX News makes up all those debates (or a large majority of them). What happened to all the decent, sane, moderate Republicans? Where did they go? Most of them have already dropped out, or are probably planning on doing so. And...god...enough with the I-S-you know what crap. We don't need to hear anti-Muslim and Refugee rhetoric over and over again. It's the Iraq War all over again...

And honestly, his followers have been misled by his campaign. Will he "Make America Great Again"? Hell, no. He ripped off that campaign phrase from Reagan. And why aren't these comparisons to Hitler hurting him? I am clueless, let me tell you. But anyway, to you Trump followers, I am not meaning to offend you,'s the truth. Your "hero" is not what he says to be. And honestly? He's insulting everyone-but it is endless who he has offended. If you are next on his list, let me warn you, don't be surprised. Rather, just stop clinging to him. And our country's not in  as bad of a shape as you think they are. We are actually, minus the entire arab affair stuff, in pretty good shape. So please...take my words into consideration sometimes. I don't use twitter or Facebook, so this is my way of telling you so.

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